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Thank you so much for the lovely cards that arrived today.  I’m sure many people will be blessed when they receive them.  We all need an encouraging word some time…and your cards are so beautifully written.  Thank you.

Grace and peace to you,

My love in Jesus,


Thank you so much for your cards.  We give them out to clients who we see on behalf of our Parish Nursing Service, and the messages in them have brought comfort, joy and hope to many people. Eleanor Laming Norwich

Once again I enclose an orderfor your wonderful cards, which have been a Blessing & Encouragement to so many over the years.

Keep Rejoicing in Jesus Noel Proctor

I love your cards, and use the one that I have ordered for any and every occasion.

With all good wishes for a very happy New Year,


Thank you so much for all your help during the past year.

I am delighted to have come across Cards of Encouragement – you provide such a valuable service in enhancing God’s Word.

All the very best to you and your colleagues for the coming New Year.

God bless you mightily.


Just in case you are interested in the various uses to which your excellent cards are put: I belong to the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and I have taken on the responsibility of “pastoral care” for our members. This consists mainly of sending cards which address a range of situations:  condolence, messages wishing them a return to good health, assurances of prayers in difficult circumstances, and (sometimes!) congratulations. Increasingly I use Cards of Encouragement, attaching  a specially-made sticker featuring the Society’s logo.  Cards such as the ones you have just sent me are appropriate for a whole spread of needs, and it’s all proving most successful. Many thanks therefore to you and your team!

Best wishes

Claire Wilson

Thank you for my order which arrived today.   I was delighted the speed with which they were despatched and particularly with the quality of the items – so much so that I have just e-mailed a further order.

With blessings


In our newly re-ordered church I wish to make your cards available in a quiet area of the building set aside for meditation and prayer. I just discovered your website when searching on Google today  for ‘Christian prayer cards Of encouragement’  – I’m so glad I did.



I sent a card to ******* prison prayer fellowship to encourage them and had a lovely letter back which was written on one of your cards! I thought the card was amazing and as you had thoughtfully put your web address on it I lost no time in looking and was blown away by the variety of your cards. They are lovely and I always try and send a good Christian card and thanks to you will now have a lovely card for every occasion!

Have also made a note of your B and B


God bless, Pam

It’s so good to know that such beautiful, Scriptural cards are still available for purchase. With many grateful thanks,

Mrs D Andrew

Thanks for your response to my order. My previous order was the first time I had heard of Cards of Encouragement, and I was thrilled with the cards and magnets I received, hence the second order.

God bless, Jackie S

Just wanted to say how beautiful and special your cards are. Thank you. May God Bless the work that you do there,

Wendy K

Thank you so much for my order of cards, tea towels and little 12p cards. I am delighted with them and keep looking at them. I love the colour you have added to Judy’s cards. Thank you so much. With love and blessings,


Many thanks for your very prompt delivery of my order…. I would like to thank you for the very friendly and helpful service and I pray that God will bless your move.


These cards mean a lot to people. Thank you for what you do for the Lord.

Marie Kenney

Thank you for your leaflet about TWAM. We did a tool collection in our church,… so much was collected we had half our garage full! …. the amazing thing was people were saying thank you to us for taking the tools, sewing machines & typewriters they had no use for…. our friends are going to do one in their church too.


Tools With a Mission is the main charity Cards of Encouragement supports Please see the TWAM website for details

I am sending another order for your lovely cards. They have been such a Wonderful Blessing to so many.

Noel Proctor

Thank you for the order, which was received very promptly.

Your lovely products are already creating quite an interest in my bookstall. God bless you in your work for Him,

Elisabeth Carnell

The cards are superb, as always, and are already being sent out in encouragement of others.


Many thanks for the super fast delivery. I am delighted with everything. God bless,

Pat Coleman.

Thank you so much, I am so pleased with my first order from you I am currently looking through the internet with possibly another order…. It is wonderful to encourage, help and comfort others with a Scriptural card. As these cards and small gifts are distributed to my many friends I pray they in turn will bless others.

Susan Wilson

Thank you so much for your e-mail and words of encouragement.  Delighted to have found Zazzle through your website.

May you continue to receive the joy of Jesus through your work for Him.

Every blessing, Ros Gurney

Thank you so much for sending the cards so promptly!  I am absolutely delighted with them, most importantly the messages and also the beautiful art work – such a blessing to find your website, as it so difficult to find any Christian cards with much meaning…. I shall be passing on your catalogue to Christian friends. Ros Gurney
I am always delighted with your lovely cards & I know many have been blessed by them. I am now limited in what I can do, so your cards are a great asset to me. Vera J
Our congregation loved the cards, our team are looking forward to delivering them to the roads around our fellowship…for Easter. Thank you for your quick delivery service, which is much appreciated. Val Dalton
Thank you very much…for my order. The ladies loved them B Amaoade
Many thanks for the lovely cards which arrived today. I am really delighted with them and will be using them as part of craft gifts I am making to raise money during Lent for my church and good causes….Thanks also for the lovely brochure – it will definitely ensure repeat orders! Lindsay H
Can I just say it is so lovely to have such a personal touch from something which I’ve ordered over the internet.  My coming across your website was a real God incident (no such thing as co-incidents)……  So thank you once again for this service and ministry in God’s name. Heather
Thank you for your ministry in cards. They have been a real blessing to many of the folk I send them to, keep up the wonderful work. Find enclosed an order for more…. N Proctor (Salford)
We have sent the cards all over the world as we write to Prisoners of Faith…. thank you for cards which bring such a blessing to the recipients. J Ogilvie (Johnstone)
Thank you so much for the superbly efficient response to my order of cards. I love your cards and find people often keep them on their mantelpiece for ages. Gillie B
Thanks again for my bundle of cards. We are now prepared for our Christmas ‘card’ letters of encouragement to prisoners of faith. J Ogilvie (Johnstone)
Thank you so much for such a speedy service – it makes such a change these days, especially on the net!! C Blewett (Cambridge)
I am delighted with the order of cards and very grateful to you for sending them so promptly. I will pass the catalogue on to friends and wish you every blessing in this valuable ministry. M McKinnon (Arran)
Thanks for my lovely cards. My friend & I will get busy now sending them off to the Christians suffering for His name in their lands. J Ogilvie (Johnstone)

I first encountered ‘Cards of Encouragement’ several years ago in St John’s Methodist Church, Llandudno. At that time my husband and I were co-pastors of Calvary Church, Atherstone.  After our retirement the Lord took us out of the Pentecostal movement into the Salvation Army.  When we were asked to manage their Christian Bookshop I remembered ‘Cards of Encouragement’.  Yes they are that good!  The Lord reminded me of your wonderful, gorgeous, one feels tempted to say ‘priceless’ cards.  To say we are delighted with them is an understatement.  Thanks to Judy Barker and to John and Jan and of course to the Lord who gave the talent to the artist and the burden to John and Jan to continue selling them and keep  on sending these blessings around and round and round.

Rev B Stephenson

Atherstone, Warwickshire

Your cards have been such a blessing to so many people. N Proctor (Salford)
Cards of Encouragement is a ministry of its own; and I write as one of the nation’s most prolific card senders! Long may your ministry flourish, and thank you for the caring and professional service you provide. Rev. C. Wilson (London)
I simply love the new website it is so much easier for me to use….I would also like to say that so many people have been blessed and touched by your cards, the artwork is wonderful, the quality of the cards and also the lovely thick envelopes that go with them. I am looking forward to choosing more although it will be hard because I love every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S. Perry
I manage the book stall at St Mary’s Church…Although people do not seem to read so much these days they do buy cards. The Cards of Encouragement have almost all been sold so I am needing more. They have such helpful verses on the cards and visitors to the church buy them as well. I think you are doing a very worthwhile work & hope you can continue for many years. J. Consdale (Weymouth)
Thank you – these cards are truely used to bring so much blessing to others. M. Mallard (Somerset)
I just wanted to say how deeply greatful I am for the cards, which are so useful to send to needy & suffering friends…… In the Lord’s great love, (so well expressed in the cards), Yours, R. Mead (Southampton)

Thank you again for the Coasters, – I think your products are so very special. M. Marcombe (Chesterfield)

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